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                MINI Series Wind turbines


                MINI Series 400W Wind Turbines

                Mini 3 Series Wind Turbine

                Mini 5 Series Wind Turbine

                Small Wind Turbine Characteristics:

                1.Low start-up wind speed
                Low wind speed series wind turbines generate more than 60% effective power than the same rotor diameter wind turbine annually.

                2.High-efficient Generator
                Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous wind turbine,more than 10% of the efficiency of ultra-GB,starting resistance,only be 1/3 of the GB limit,motor insulation rating class H insulation.

                3.Unique Power Management System
                Built-in a new intelligent controller,monitoring the wind turbine operation in real-time MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge.

                4.Innovative Noise Reduction Technology
                Start and produce electricity at the 1.5m/s,noise only at 40db at 13m/s/.

                5.Perfect Wind Wheel System
                The wind turbine wheel are made of a low temperature resistance,aging high strength compound material,can cope with a variety of complex wind conditions,charge wind energy into electrical energy efficiently and sustainably..

                6.Unique Design Of The Rudder
                Wind turbine rudders are ale to respond to the wind speed and wind direction flexibly,enhancing the efficiency of power generation.